((2004-07-04 - 12:59 a.m.))

its been over a month since i updated.

my broke ass computer is still a broke ass computer.

im at the cousin's house for the holiday weekend.

my new boyfriend is coming out this way to meet my fam tomorrow night. yup, new boyf. apparently not having access to the internet at home is agood thing for my dating life. hell, it's good for my social life in gen.

matt and i met in stratford, ontario exactly three weeks ago. when i asked him where he lived, he said ypsi. when i asked him where in ypsi, i learned that he lived on the same street as me, in the same complex, just a few buildings down. with his at-the-time girlfriend. before anyone else assumes he's a pig who is gonna do the same thing to me- let me tell you that this is not the case. he actually had been wanting to break up with her for quite a while before he met me, but was waiting until her lease was up at the end of this month. he met me which simply sped up the breaking up process, as well as slightly awkwardizing his living sitch. he's handled it like a real man, and somehow has even managed to make it so that she actually doesn't mind it if i come over and spend the night. we usually opt for my apt. instead cuz afterall, it is just like 2 feet away and i live by myself. but every so often, we go there to chill, mostly cuz im in love with his bed. it's the cushiest, smushiest, marshmallowiest bed ever. ill finish up this update later. for now im gonna go chill with the cousins. i heart watching them all grow up into crazy little grown ups like myself.

who knows if ill ever be a full-grown grown up, but for now, id prefer not to be anything but my damn half grown up, half child self.